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Case Studies

We have mentored many businesses through big changes, helping to drive performance forward so they can achieve their goals while maintaining strong financial control.

Strong financials at the heart of every project

Working in collaboration with a wealth of experts, Candrew Consulting is able to deliver a fantastic service for clients, no matter what the project scope or size. Our ability to assemble a team of industry specialists proven to work well together means that each project can be tailored to specifically meet the brief while keeping a firm control of finances. Teamwork, transparency and planning are key to delivering a successful project.

We have a key focus on developing a strong client relationship. This means we are able to seamlessly integrate into any business and make the impact that is required to ensure the best outcomes are achieved. By carefully managing project delivery, providing support and mentoring for the client, we can hand over knowing that the project is in safe hands.

Why not take a look through some of our projects to find out how Candrew Consulting is helping to bring amazing success stories to our clients:

Recent projects

Innocent drinks

Wind turbine project

Innocent Drinks sustainability project 2022-23

Renewable energy initiative for net zero site

Two on-site wind turbines with grid connection

Taking the Blender to the next level. This green initiative project has a cap ex in the 10s of millions

white wind turbine under blue sky during daytime

Innocent drinks

Factory build

The Blender manufacturing plant 2019-23

Inaugural factory enables in-house production

Take control of manufacturing carbon footprint

The Blender in Rotterdam is a state of the art new factory for Innocent Drinks. With a total cap ex of €223mn, this project places the global brand on the way to meeting its 2025 carbon-neutral target.

Arla foods

ERP installation

New ERP system for Westbury site 2017-18

Switch over to SAP while maintaining operations

Plan and train entire site

Swapping from SAGE to SAP to improve and enhance the Enterprise Resource Planning of the site. Full system switch without loss of production.

butter, knife, ingredient


Lockerbie effluent

Turnkey solution for waste effluent issues

Anaerobic digestion plant to generate biogas

Turning costly waste into energy and revenue

Improving the waste management system at Lockerbie involved installing an anaerobic digestion plant. This produces clean water plus biogas. The biogas is turned into a renewable energy stream via a CHP plant.

dairy cheese production


Worlds first super dairy

The Aylesbury site has a billion litre capacity

High level of automation improves efficiency

State of the art facility with low energy use

The dairy, which when build was the world’s largest and most technologically advanced, has the potential to process up to 240,000 litres of milk per hour which will be supplied by around 900 British farmers, the majority of whom are owners of Arla. 

dairy cows

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