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Lockerbie effluent project

A problem at the Arla Foods Lockerbie site is changed into an opportunity. By installing an anaerobic digester it is possible to turn waste effluent into an energy stream in the form of biogas. This installation will help to offset Lockerbie’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, this will allow the discharge of clean water back into the environment.

The generated biogas can then be fed into a CHP (combined heat and power) plant to create electricity. This energy will be used onsite as well as being able to be exported to the grid to provide a revenue stream. The Lockerbie site will be capable of accepting waste streams from other Arla sites so that the project can run at scale.

To make this project a success, a partner that is able to provide a turnkey solution is vital. The project would be off balance sheet and managed by the third party.

Project involvement

Contract preparation

Supplier negotiations

Simplified business case reviews to improve transparency, consistency and therefore ease of use

Financial control and key team member of £50m project to that supports both Arla’s cost platform and Environmental objectives

Member of UK project development steering committee ensuring a valid Innovation pipeline (so that only feasible projects that aligned with the strategy were actioned)

Client feedback

This project helps Arla with a key aim of having sustainable food production that considers the future of our planet.

We must collaborate with our owners, customers, and partners to accelerate our transformation to a resilient and sustainable dairy value chain fit for the future

Peder Tuborgh, Arla Foods

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