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ERP installation

Switching systems while maintaining full operating capacity requires a lot of planning, testing and care to successfully pull off. This was the project at ARLA Foods Westbury site in 2018-19. The site was acquired from First Milk in 2016.

The switch from SAGE to SAP will bring the site in line with the rest of the ARLA Foods business. This ERP system that is widely used in large organizations across many industries and is considered one of the most robust and popular ERP systems on the market.

Integral to the project was a robust plan and training program for the entire site so that the switch could be completed within 24 hours and the site be back at full operating capacity immediately after Go live. A full Hypercare package covered the following two months.

Project involvement

Successful implementation of SAP into the Westbury site while production remained at full capacity

Project delivered on time and budget

Overall responsibility for project delivery and effectiveness, reporting to ARLA UK’s CFO

Manage change process alongside change manager

Oversee planning of the switch, including change over plan

Control Hypercare once system is live

Run and look after test scripts on test environment

Brief multiple levels of stakeholder and run steering meetings to board members

Run wider briefings to the business

Ensure system design fits client requirements

Performance feedback

Arla Foods has a complex management structure and requires a high degree of flexibility for financial accounting and powerful consolidation abilities. When Arla Foods acquires companies, it wants to immediately include them in its financial and management reporting setup to achieve transparency from the start. “You need to be very clear about cash flow and profit and loss before you can move up the finance value chain,” says Rose-Nielsen. “That means aligning and streamlining financial processes by uniting internal management and external financial accounting.”

With the SAP solutions, we have the foundation for a single global financial centre

Morten Rose-Nielsen, ARLA Foods

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