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Innocent turbine project

To meet the green energy target at the Innocent Drinks factory, two wind turbines will be procured. Along side the solar PV installation, these will achieve all the net power requirements for the site. This will be set up as a a turnkey project by the supplier.

Costs and risk are minimised for the client using financing structures and off balance sheet solutions. This project also helps Innocent to be BREEAM compliant from a site perspective, ensuring sustainability targets are met. The expectation is that all power generated will be consumed onsite, but supply and demand due to fluctuating wind and solar conditions will be balanced by a grid connection to enable import/export of energy.

An awareness of available grants and subsidies available for green investments was critical to ensure the client optimised their financing options and benefitted from all relevant schemes. By including a grid connection excess energy can be exported to compliment the complex all electric energy target.

Project involvement

Business case development support

Negotiation of contract support

Feedback to client on project progress

Finance model support

Risk management control

Financial cost control and report of project

Stakeholder management

Performance feedback

At the moment renewable energy is bought from the grid, but on-site solar panels have been installed and this part of the project will deliver wind turbines in 2023. This will make the factory fully carbon neutral and mean Innocent’s drinks are blended and bottled using green on-site renewable energy.

In spite of significant economic headwinds and the sudden withdrawal of a key contractor from the market sector, the project is back on track.

What has been achieved at the factory really does recalibrate the industry standard for what can be achieved in sustainability within the food and drink manufacturing sector

Andy Tebbutt, Integrated Food Projects/NIRAS

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